Dux Hot Water  continues to drive hot water innovation with the release of Airoheat subzero, the next evolution of the highly successful Airoheat heat pump.

Developed to provide a heat pump water heater for areas which experience colder temperatures, the Airoheat subzero model replaces the previous Airoheat heat pump model and features several new advantages including a de-icing function – ideal for households where the temperature regularly drops below zero degrees.

Operating through Dux Hot Water’s patented Hotlogic controller the system automatically determines whether climate conditions are likely to cause icing on the evaporator and commences its de-icing cycle.

As ice lowers the evaporator’s ability to capture heat energy, the Airoheat subzero system also instinctively determines when the de-icing process has concluded and returns to normal heat pump operation, ensuring efficiency is maintained and no heat loss occurs.

This innovation from Dux Hot Water means that the system does not waste the heat previously generated to de-ice and does not depend on less efficient technology, such as a back-up element, unlike other heat pump units on the market. It therefore creates hot water even when mercury levels drop below zero.

The Airoheat subzero maintains the tank heat and uses fans to defrost the evaporator coil, therefore optimising comfort and efficiency in any climate.

With economic and environmental advantages, the enhanced efficiency levels that the system brings result in 2 RECs points more than the original Airoheat system.

The Airoheat subzero still boasts considerably lower operation sound levels and higher operating efficiency levels, with the addition of the innovative de-icing function.

The new lid and louver section is moulded from high impact, highly UV stabilised European automotive polymer and adds considerably to the Airoheat’s durability, preventing colour loss and reducing the weight of the system.

Benefits of the new Airoheat subzero product:

  • Operates at temperatures below zero making it suitable throughout Australia
  • The most efficient heat pump water heater in its class in Australia, ensuring the homeowner maximises both their greenhouse gas and energy savings
  • The quiet product available ensuring that noise does not become an issue for either the homeowner or their neighbour
  • The light product available making handling easier
  • The short product available ensuring eaves clearance is never an issue
  • Two sacrificial anodes make the product suitable for all water conditions
  • High impact polymer louvers and lid will improve durability and reduce transport damage.