Australian owned hot water group, Dux Hot Water , has launched a website that calculates Federal and State Government hot water rebates at the click of a button.

Easing the work of plumbers, the site helps simplify and explain rebates available for different hot water systems, as well as make them easier to claim.  

The initiative is already proving to be a hit with both consumers and plumbers, who previously had to refer to several different websites to read about the various rebates and download their application forms.

The website is also of great use to plumbing merchants, many of whom have been left confused about all the rebates on offer.

The easy to use hot water rebate website offers a web-based calculator that automatically determines rebates for the homeowners once a few questions are answered. Plumbers only need to enter their client’s postcode, followed by the current type of water heater and what replacement system the client is looking at. All Federal and State rebates in Australia are featured on the website and are updated regularly, giving homeowners peace of mind.

The website guides plumbers through various rebate fact sheets and a hot water product selection guide, in order to determine the best hot water system for their customer’s needs, and calculates the available rebates for the system at the current values.

According to Dux National Sales Manager, Mr Simon Terry, “The Renewable Energy Certificates, Federal Government and various State Government rebates are always changing, and it is almost impossible for the homeowner and plumber to keep up.  Some of them are incredibly confusing too. Through the use of this website, plumbers will become aware of the rebates and will easily be able to see just how much their customer could be eligible for when installing an environmentally friendly hot water system.”

The website was developed by Dux Hot Water following research results indicating that 60 per cent of homeowners were unaware of rebates for solar and heat pump water heaters in Australia, despite having recently purchased one.  

All rebates have until now, appeared on separate websites making the whole rebate claiming process very difficult. Even if a homeowner knew about one of the rebates on offer, they could quite easily miss out on a second, or in some cases, third rebate, that they may have been eligible for.

Dux Marketing Manager, Steve Linton said, “We have found that plumbers are overwhelmed by the many hot water rebates available. There are at least ten different rebates on offer in various parts of Australia, and in some states the total rebate amount on offer can be close to $4000. Plumbers deserve easy access to them all, in one convenient location.  

“Homeowners will be forced to install environmentally friendly hot water systems in the future, so the website acts as an educational tool to help them understand how they can best capitalise in the current market.  Many of these rebates are for a limited time only, so homeowners and plumbers should act now and switch to an environmental hot water system, or else risk a much lower rebate offer in the future,” Linton concluded.

The website is updated daily with the latest rebate values to ensure consumers get the very latest information. Linton added, “This has not been without its challenges. The day after we launched the website Morris Iemma resigned and then a few weeks later we had a change of Government in Western Australia. We only had a few hours to source photos of the new Premiers and upload them to the site.”