Dux Hot Water is a manufacturer and distributor of plumbing, drainage and kitchen materials, and have a range of bathroom products, including toilet suites and urinals in premium quality. A wide range of bathroomware is offered by Aquadux and these are unique as well as highly sophisticated. The high-style product range includes plastic toilet suites, cisterns, seats, vitreous china suites, pans, bidets, innovative baths and basins. Aquadux also offers low maintenance urinal systems like waterless urinals.

Plumbing products from Dux Hot Water are well-known across New Zealand and Australia. Dux Hot Water also offers hot and cold water reticulation systems in piping products and grease converters, like Dux Actamatic Grease Converter Aquadux. Chemical resistant polypropylene waste traps and Secura Gold Plumbing fittings are also available.

Aquadux offers drainage channels for domestic, commercial and architectural demand. Dux Platinum Stainless steel line drainage and Mearin Drainage systems are excellent drainage products from Aquadux. The Frenco range of products are also supplied, like Fernco Plumbqwik which is a flexible pipe connector ideal to join drainpipe material of different sizes in non pressure applications. The newly-launched Fernco series from Dux Hot Water is a 'Pipe Doctor Repair System' meant exclusively for repairing damaged permanent pipes at an affordable cost.