Durra Panel is designed to work with both standard timber stud walls and proprietary Durra Panel steel systems.

Installing Durra Panel to timber wall frames

For areas where a timber frame already exists:

  1. Install panels horizontally or vertically with biscuit connectors, joining panels along the long edges on areas where Durra Panel is to be fixed to an existing framing.
  2. Make fixings on either side of the panel joins into the framing behind.
  3. Trim all joins between panels with Durra aluminium sections to conceal any fixings and screws.

Installing Durra Panel to Durra Panel wall systems

Durra steel sections are also transitional as wall framing for large scale external wall systems.

  1. Install Durra Duplex or Durra I Beams as girts at 1200mm spacing across spans between structural columns and fix off to a standard 4-hole bar cleat.
  2. Space Durra Cross Tee Units evenly along the length of the beam to complete the framing grid. These act as both vertical bridging members and panel-to-panel joiners.
  3. Secure Durra Panels into the framing grid with wedges, with the base flange of Durra steel sections to provide a flush-finished acoustic wall system.