Durra ceiling systems allow electrical and plumbing services to be installed easily. These services can also be installed in some Durra wall applications, where a cavity exists behind the Durra Panel layer.


Cut a hole just large enough to feed through the required service or housing, and reseal any cut edges where possible.

In single layer walls, Durra Panel can be supplied with a conduit within the panel, allowing for electrical services to be fed through from above or below.

Tips & Tricks

Lightweight feature lighting and ceiling fans can be fixed to the face of a Durra Panel or recessed in to maintain a flush finished ceiling.

However, a Durra Beam is required to support heavier services such as lighting, pipes and HVAC ducts using universal support brackets. Each pair can support a load of 60kg; loads exceeding this limit can be spread across multiple support points.

Ortech offers a range of various penetration details, which are available on request.