Duropal  is one of the leading companies that offer quality and durable laminates and board products. The laminates and board products offered by Duropal can be used for various purposes. These laminates and board products are based on exceptionally beautiful designs. The well-trained people at Duropal take utmost care in designing these products.

The laminates and boards products from Duropal are made of wood based materials which are environment friendly. These laminates and board products can also be obtained in beautiful colours and textures at Duropal. These are also flexible enough to be fixed anywhere comfortably.

The laminates and board products offered by Duropal are of high quality and extended durability. The versatile and delicate range of these products is provided and displayed amazingly at Duropal. Some of the products offered by Duropal are doors and panels and some other products that are ideal to be used for commercial applications are Duroboard, meant for compact high pressure laminates and high pressure laminates.

Duropal's products are environment- friendly products and those made of benchtop material such as high scuff resistance gloss benchtops and classic square profile benchtops, are also readily available at Duropal. An acrylic edging is also provided for these benchtops by Duropal.