Duropal  provides laminates which are made of benchtop material. The benchtop material is known not only for its attractive appearance but also for its capability to meet various requirements of customers. The benchtop material is resistant to abrasion, has heat tolerance, chemical resistance, impact resistance and is hygiene. The Duropal high pressure laminates are strong enough to perform even in high congestion areas. These high pressure laminates are ideal to be used in bathrooms, kitchens, education facilities, retail shops, laboratories, laundries and many commercial areas.

The high pressure laminates by Duropal are perfect for horizontal use in commercial as well as domestic applications. All these products by Duropal are manufactured in its factories where the higher levels of environment sustainable processes are used to manufacture and develop these products. The complete range of post- formable high pressure laminates is also available in different and beautiful colours at Duropal. The fantasy decors, wood and stone reproductions and various metal laminates can also be obtained from Duropal. Apart from Classic Square Profile, high pressure laminates and high scuff resistance gloss high pressure laminates are also offered by Duropal which have their unique features.

The cabinet doors and panels provided by Duropal are suitable for many purposes. The Duroboard melamine faced chipboard at affordable prices with matching PVC edging is also available at Duropal. Duropal gives a different finish touch to these prodcuts which is known as Durotrim. The Durotrim is a flexible finish to create decorative edges for acrylic or PVC.