Duratuff Select vinyl cladding, available in Australia from Austech External Building Products is engineered to meet the specifications for environmental efficiency and sustainability.

Vinyl cladding is proven to contribute significantly to global warming than other exterior claddings, and also offers the potential to earn more points in leading green building certification programs. Vinyl cladding also outperforms most other exterior claddings in terms of lifecycle.

Duratuff Select vinyl cladding delivers several environmental benefits including the ability to immediately return scrap and regrind it directly into the manufacturing process resulting in almost zero manufacturing waste; as well as minimal scrap produced during installation compared to other exterior claddings, with Duratuff Select installers around Australia implementing source reduction techniques to minimise waste.

Duratuff Select vinyl cladding is completely invested in constant improvement through research and development. Given that sustainability is not possible without durability, Duratuff Select offers a continuously increasing expected service life, enabling Austech to provide a 50-year warranty on the cladding product. Advancements are also being made in key areas such as colour retention and impact resistance.

From an energy efficiency perspective, Duratuff Select increases the R-value by 10-15%, leading to a decrease in the need for energy, cutting costs and minimising carbon footprint. Sustainability is also measured by a product’s economic performance and long service life: Duratuff Select vinyl cladding requires no painting, staining or sealing at installation or during ongoing maintenance.

Duratuff Select vinyl cladding is distributed by Austech External Building Products across Australia.