Locker systems should ideally last for years and must be able to stand up to rough use in busy environments.

Duraloc lockers from Duracube are built to last for years. Suitable for use in any wet or dry area environment, Duraloc antibacterial compact laminate locker systems are made in-house with the same robust construction as Duracube’s toilet partitioning systems.

These lockers are built using 13mm compact laminate for the doors and panels, assuring a 10-year limited warranty and also boasting 60+ colour options to match the client’s existing partitioning systems.

With Duracube’s in-house production capabilities, clients can have lockers tailored to their requirements – be it a single door locker, 4-door locker or an L-door locker.

The use of compact laminate does away with the need to use ABS edge strip; over time, ABS edge strip peels off, but with compact laminate, the black core is polished once cut, eliminating the need for any edge stripping.

Durasafe compact laminate is also antibacterial and completely waterproof. Featuring an indestructible core, this compact laminate is ideal for wet areas where moisture and humidity are major concerns. Built for uncompromising quality, Duraloc compact laminate lockers are also easy to clean – just open them up and hose them out. The compact laminate won’t ever swell or deteriorate on exposure to water or moisture.

Duraloc antibacterial compact laminate lockers feature some of the best lock options including standard key lock, dial code lock, electronic code lock, wet area electronic waterproof lock, RFID lock and real time lock.