DuPont  is a 205 year old science based company focused on delivering solutions that make a real difference in people’s lives worldwide.

DuPont is known for using science to fundamentally change people’s lives through innovations that create new markets, through popular brands such as Teflon, StainMaster Carpet, Corian, Lycra, Kevlar and many more.

DuPont StoneTech Professional is the new brand developed from DuPont's passion for care of natural stones. DuPont believes that stone is a precious material and should be treated with the utmost care. DuPont also believes that stone can transform environments and create lasting beauty and pleasure, provided that the stone is properly cared for.

Proper care means understanding different kinds of stone and how they’re used and then matching the stone to the right products and care regimen.

DuPont offers simple yet effective stone care solutions, products, services and education for both homeowners and professionals to ensure the stone stays beautiful for a lifetime.

The premium products from DuPont are specially designed for all types of natural stone, using only the high quality ingredients and most advanced technology available. The company is also committed to staying on the cutting edge of stone care and sharing its knowledge with others.

In the US, StoneTech Professional recently developed a new line of water-based sealers using the next generation in fluorochemical technology. These formulas were designed to literally 'bond' with stone, so that porosity was no longer an issue, a big accomplishment in the industry.

Good technology also means technology that's been tested. DuPont test them, inside and out. Before new technologies are introduced to the marketplace, the company will go through a thorough examination process internally and with users.

By the time new products get into people's hands, they can rest assure that all the homework has been done right. The customers receive the stone care products that fit their lifestyle and needs.