Duplex Cleaning Machines  supply upholstery cleaners that are ideal for the automotive detailing industry within Australia and New Zealand.

JetVac Pro steam vacuum upholstery cleaners are popular due to their performance, size and features.

Producing a continuous flow of +165°C superheated 94% dry steam at up to 6 bar pressure, JetVac Pro upholstery cleaners use heat to liquefy upholstery soiling and stains. Once liquefied the upholstery soiling is then simultaneously removed by the powerful 1200 watt vacuum, resulting in hygienically clean seats or carpet that is dry in minutes.

JetVac Pro upholstery cleaners also feature a hot water/detergent injection function which is great for more efficient removal of stubborn stains or heavy soiling. Being able to inject a fragrant diluted upholstery detergent or shampoo will also leave the vehicle smelling nice for the owner.

For auto upholstery cleaners a popular option with the JetVac Pro is to customise it with a specialised tool kit and upgraded vacuum. The customised tool kit includes:

  • Stainless steel upholstery tool for textile fabrics or seat belts
  • Nylon bristle upholstery tool for leather seats/trims
  • Dry vacuum turbo head
  • Vacuum crevice tool; and
  • High pressure steam tool for detailing
The upgraded vacuum is a water filtered system that allows dry vacuuming and provides better filtration.

JetVac Pro automotive detailing upholstery cleaners are compact in size measuring 60cm x 45cm x 75cm, and weigh just 30kg. Additionally, this upholstery cleaning equipment has an inbuilt trolley to make transporting of the unit between locations or vehicles very easy.