Thermoglide commercial steam mops can be attached to most steam generators in the Duplex range, and offer a more efficient alternative to using a mop and bucket.  

Thermoglide commercial steam mops does not recycle dirty water or leave a film of dirty, chemical laden water residue on the floor. Instead, Thermoglide commercial steam mops only uses fresh, superheated, 94% dry steam to clean and sanitise surfaces, while an absorbent microfibre/cotton pad simultaneously collects the grime.  

Thermoglide commercial steam mops can sweep, clean, degrease and sanitise all hard surfaces in a single pass. With a 10m hose Thermoglide commercial steam mops have been designed to operate in long laps, making them very popular for use on large hard floor areas, walls and even ceilings. Ideal environments for using Thermoglide commercial steam mops in include health care facilities, nursing homes and food hospitality venues that require regular hygienic cleaning of large areas such as corridors and dining rooms.  

In addition to effectiveness and efficiency, Thermoglide commercial steam mop can also improve OH&S in the following ways:

  • Operated in long laps reduces repetitive strain back and shoulder injuries experienced by most cleaners.
  • Slips and falls are reduced as 94% dry steam leaves floors dry in approximately one minute.
  • +120C dry steam combined with microfibre hygienically cleans floor and reduces the need for chemicals.