Have you ever put your foot in someone else’s dirty discarded chewing gum? Whether it be at the local shopping centre, school, cinema, or on public transport most likely the answer is yes.

This is because chewing gum litter is an ever increasing problem in Australia and it is set to get worse as chewing gum sales continue to grow.

In fact in 2005 the AC Nielson Top 100 Brand Report stated that Wrigley’s had gum sales of $75-$100m in Australian retail alone and then in 2006 AZTEC data estimated the entire Australian gum market to be worth $180m per annum.

At $0.70 per pack with an average of seven pieces this could be calculated to approximately 1.8b pieces of gum sold every year.

Murray McDonald, the Director of Duplex Cleaning Machines, says “the most effective method to treat gum is with steam as heat causes gum to disintegrate.” With the capability of removing up to 400 pieces of gum per hour through super heated dry steam and vacuum.

Murray believes “the TECNOVAP Super Chewing Gum Remover is the perfect machine to combat the sticky crisis, especially as it works on hard surfaces and carpets.”

Murray McDonald continues “It’s clean, fast and effective; simply find the chewing gum, activate the steam for 3 seconds and its gone…vacuumed away. Cleaning chewing gum couldn’t be easier!”

Despite councils and venues spending millions of dollars every year ridding public places of gum current strategies are simply not effective. Traditionally high pressure water systems have been used to rid the walkways and floors of chewing gum but this has been an expensive process with limited success.

To make matters worse this method not only uses dangerous chemicals and produces slippery pathways, it also wastes one of our precious resources- water. Well that was the case until recently when TECNOVAP Australia introduced the new water saving Super Chewing gum Remover to its steam range.

Super Chewing gum Remover is available from Duplex Cleaning Machines.