With surface and airborne viruses becoming an ever increasing threat there is no such thing as a precaution too extreme. This especially applies to healthcare, hospitality, and education industries where ultimate hygiene is of importance.

Whether it be Salmonella, MRSA, Gastro, E-Coli, Listeria, or any other forms of Microbial life cases of public outbreaks are becoming all to common in facilities and especially in the press.

For too long, businesses have been cutting corners when it comes to cleaning as cost is perceived to be more important than quality.

The fortunate cleaners have been utilising steam products to achieve ultimate hygiene. Not only is steam a natural cleaning agent but it is also more effective than chemical products as it dissolves dirt and grime, minimises water usage, sanitises, deodorises, decontaminates, disinfects and importantly kills bacteria on contact.

Through the use of +130ºC dry steam Duplex Cleaning Machines ' products pride themselves on improving hygiene, reducing cleaning and labour time, saving on cleaning costs such as purchasing chemicals, and improving OHS.

The only problem with steam cleaning is that too great of an emphasis is placed on the initial purchasing cost of equipment. However what is not realised is that steam is not only effective but it is also more efficient. Considering time is money and adopting such methods will increase productivity surely steam is the obvious choice.