Available from Duplex Cleaning Machines , Salla floor scrubbers, that also sweep and vacuum, prove particularly popular in Australian swimming centres for cleaning poolside floor areas.

Australian swim centres have seen an increase in safety floor installations in poolside areas, for insurance reasons. Salla floor scrubbers, that also sweep and vacuum, are particularly suited for use on safety floors in swimming pool centres. 

Features of Duplex’s Salla floor scrubbers include:

  • Battery powered operation, eliminating any danger of electrical cables near the poolside and in wet areas. 
  • Can be stripped down easily for complete cleaning. This function is of great importance to cleaning equipment used in swimming centres as chlorine and salt water have adverse effects on metal. 
  • Effectiveness, efficiency and versatility. The Salla multi-purpose floor scrubbers feature a dual cylindrical brush design that provides deep cleaning of profiled surfaces in short times. 
  • Reducing OH&S issues likes slips and falls and repetitive strain back and shoulder injuries.

A swimming centre facility with two large pool areas could expect their entire poolside areas to be cleaned within one hour with a Salla 500 floor scrubber, rather than one day. Outdoor areas can also be regularly dry swept be making use of the sweeper function of the Salla 500 floor scrubbers.

Duplex Cleaning Machines’ Salla 500 floor scrubbers will improve the appearance of safety floors in swimming centre facilities.