The Salla 500 Max is a factory floor cleaning machine. Whether the factory floor surface is sealed concrete, safety floor, checker plate or a non slip nano-technology anti-slip adhesive, the Salla 500 factory floor cleaner can clean them all.

The Salla 500 Max factory floor cleaner, available through the Duplex Cleaning Machines distribution network, is an industrial tough, walk behind battery powered machine that is suitable for efficient cleaning of medium sized factory floors.

Featuring a unique multi-purpose design, the Salla 500 Max factory floor cleaner can be transformed in seconds to operate as a floor scrubber, sweeper or portable wet/dry vacuum cleaner.

The Salla 500 Max factory floor cleaner’s floor scrubbing effectiveness comes from dual contra-rotating cylindrical scrubbing brushes that penetrate deep into profiled factory floor surfaces and actively lift the dirt. This dirt filled is then simultaneously extracted by a 730mm rear vacuum squeegee.

As some factory floors require more heavy duty cleaning, such as degreasing, the Salla 500 Max factory floor cleaner has optional brush density and bristle hardness. Polishing brushes are also available for low sheen polishing of factory floor surfaces.