Duplex Cleaning Machines  specialises in a range of steam cleaning equipment for homes.  

Cleaning homes can be a tedious and time-consuming task that never appears complete. Floors, windows, bathrooms, toilets, kitchen, furniture and upholstery all need to be cleaned, not too mention laundry and dishwashing chores.  

What makes it even worse is that each area just about requires a separate cleaning solution or detergent.  

Duplex Cleaning Machines helps rid home cleaning cupboards of these potentially hazardous cleaning solutions, opting instead for the more environmentally-friendly steam cleaner.  

Not only is steam considered the world’s most reliable cleaning agent, but it is also highly efficient, versatile and safe to use.  

With a Duplex JetSteam or JetVac steam cleaner, home cleaning has never been so easy.  

Using a single machine one can effectively and efficiently clean all areas of the home space including hard floors, walls, bathrooms, kitchen, toilets, grout lines, windows, drapes, soft furniture, barbeques and a whole lot more.  

In addition Duplex steam cleaners can also be used in the home to steam iron or brush clothes and even clean dishes.  

The most popular machines in the Duplex commercial steamer range for domestic home cleaning are the JetSteam Tosca steam cleaner and JetVac Baby Eco steam vacuum.  

Both of these machines are built for commercial use with durable 3L stainless steel boilers that produce +145°C superheated 94% dry steam at up to 4.5 bar pressure and make short work of most cleaning requirements.  

With steam cleaning, one need not do hard scrubbing or deal with chemical odours.