In this modern day world, a small business needs to run well and not wastefully. This statement is especially true when it comes to cleaning companies and their staff. The Duplex Cleaning Machines range of floor scrubbers is the solution to clean heavy and greasy stains on all types of difficult flooring, with 100% saving on chemicals.

Duplex Cleaning Machines has always prided itself on developing industrial strength cleaning machines that produce professional results.

The total cleaning solution provided by a Duplex makes it a versatile and effective all in one floor washer, scrubber, polisher and dryer.

This is possible through the innovative dual contra-rotating cylindrical brush design that actually washes, scrubs, extracts and dries all in a single pass. Therefore, this single compact floor scrubber unit eliminates the need for mops, buckets, scrubbers, polishers, chemicals, and carpet extractors.

The Duplex Cleaning Machines floor scrubber offers cleaners easy to use equipment and it:

  • Saves time and money - simultaneously scrubs, washes in dries
  • Cleans all floor surfaces including tile, Flotex, vinyl, profiled rubber, safety floor, timber, carpet, concrete or natural stone
  • Has a specific Flotex setting
  • Cleans right up to the edges and deep into flooring covers
  • Reduces chemical usage and concerns as no chemicals are needed
  • Cleans, brushes, disinfects, collects, washes, polishes, deodorises and dries
  • Requires only one hand to operate
  • Cleans in forward and reverse
  • Has an optional Steam kit for steam sanitising and even quicker drying
  • Has minimal water usage ensures fast turnaround