A 400% cleaning sector increase in workers compensation premiums has sparked research into the Hospital and Community service industry. Studies show hospitals have been reluctant to adopt safer less strenuous cleaning practises.

Cleaning machines such as Duplex floor scrubbers, upright vacuum cleaners and steam generators reduce OHS claims by taking the strain out of cleaning.

Recent Compendium of Workers compensation statistics of 2003 to 2004 show the common claims were muscular stress while handling objects other than lifting, carrying or putting down (21%).

Sprains and strains of joints and adjacent muscles was the common type of injury or disease experienced by employees in the industry.

Murray McDonald the Sales Manager for Duplex Cleaning Machines says, “Cleaning tools should be manoeuvrable, simple and half the price of a back injury”.

John Toohey, a Worksafe industry development director reported for the New Best Practice Kit for Contract Cleaning, said that, “Cleaning has a reputation for being a dangerous occupation…”

The same report identifies that an employer in the cleaning industry has seen workers compensation premiums rise from 2.67 to 10.52 % (of the payroll) over the last 7 years. These statistics have prompted Duplex Cleaning Machines to innovate cleaning products into the Health and Community service industry.

Murray McDonald says, “The trend in Healthcare is the traditional mop and bucket cleaning tools, which are more prone to high risk for repetitive strain.” Murray concludes, “A lot can be gained by automating to machines”.

The Duplex Steam floor scrubber and Thermoglide steam mop are ideal cleaning machines for hospitals as they remove heavy and greasy stains on all types of difficult flooring, with 100% saving on chemicals.

Among the other benefits is the health and safety features with the Duplex Steam floor scrubber and Thermoglide steam mop reduce physical and prolonged exertion.