Steam cleaners available from Duplex Cleaning Machines do not require the use of dangerous cleaning chemicals to clean.

Duplex Cleaning Machines offers a wide range of commercial steam cleaning alternatives that help to reduce effort, save time, consume up to 90% less water and eliminate chemical and detergent use.

Typically cleaning is done using separate cleaning chemicals for different cleaning applications. Duplex recommends choosing the environmentally friendly solution of commercial steam cleaners or steam vacuums. Steam is regarded as a highly versatile cleaning agent and reliable disinfector.

The range of Duplex chemical free steam cleaners consist of machines that are suited for all chemical free cleaning applications from small domestic jobs to heavy industrial applications. Duplex Cleaning Machines has commercial steam cleaners with tools suitable for almost every job.

Duplex commercial steam cleaners and steam vacuums are available with a wide range of tools that can be used to steam clean carpets, floors, equipment, walls, upholstery, bathrooms, kitchens, windows and drapes without the need for chemicals.