The new Tecnovap mini steam mop that is proving especially popular for use in hospitality environments for fast cleaning of bathrooms, kitchens and equipment is available through the Duplex Cleaning Machines Australian distribution network.  

The mini steam mop is a specialised attachment developed for Tecnovap commercial steam cleaners and exclusively available in Australia through Duplex Cleaning Machines.  

The mini steam mop is a miniature steam mop attachment that is basically a scaled down version of the popular Thermoglide commercial steam mop.  

Similar to the Thermoglide commercial steam mop, the new mini steam mop uses fresh superheated 94% dry steam to emulsify surface soiling and a flat Velcro attached microfibre pad to collect the emulsified grime.

When the microfibre pads get too dirty and wet, they are easily replaced with new microfibre pads in seconds.  

Despite being available in Australia for just over a month, the Tecnovap mini steam mop is proving to be a hit with both current and potential Tecnovap steam cleaner users.  

The mini steam mop is great for cleaning commercial kitchens as steam efficiently cuts through grease and oils with ease.  

The steam mop is also ideal for fast cleaning of bathrooms and restrooms, often in less than four minutes.

This is especially beneficial in large facilities such as hotels and hospitals where over a hundred bathrooms need to be cleaned daily on an average.