Duplex Cleaning Machines  offer a large range of specialised cleaning equipment and products that are able to tackle tough jobs with ease.

Duplex specialised cleaning equipment and products can open doors in niche cleaning markets including:

  • Chewing Gum Removal
  • Commercial Kitchen Cleaning and Degreasing
  • Escalator Cleaning
  • Flotex Commercial Carpet Maintenance and Restoration
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Mobile Car Detailing
  • Profiled Rubber and Safety Floor Cleaning
  • Pulastic Sports Floor Cleaning
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Timber Vinyl Cleaning
Recently, and soon after discussing different niche cleaning business opportunities with a Duplex representative, a customer purchased a JetVac Professional steam vacuum with a chewing remover attachment. This particular Duplex customer had found his specialised niche cleaning business opportunity.

The customer made this purchase after he received an enquiry from a local Hungry Jacks that had a chewing gum litter problem. Chewing gum was outside the store, in the drive through, inside the store and also under tables.

The Duplex customer had seen the effectiveness of the JetVac in a demonstration and thought it might be a good business opportunity to make some money, especially as the JetVac is efficient in removing up to 400 pieces of chewing gum per hour.

After being trained by a Duplex Representative in the correct operation of the JetVac and chewing gum remover, the Duplex customer confidently visited the Hungry Jacks venue at $75 an hour. Not only was the Hungry Jacks manager happy to pay the $75 per hour; but the Hungry Jacks manager was that impressed with the result that the Duplex customer was recommended to a further three Hungry Jacks stores.

Further information on looking for a possible Business Opportunity in the specialised niche cleaning services sector and on cleaning equipment and products can be obtained from Duplex Cleaning Machines.