Duplex Carpet Cleaner makes cleaning carpets faster, easier and greener.

The Duplex Carpet Cleaner from Duplex Cleaning Machines is a single compact highly manoeuvrable machine which will clean large carpeted areas in next to no time.

There is basically no set up or waiting time either. Simply fill the solution tank with water, plug in the carpet cleaner, select your cleaning setting, pull the handle back and clean away.

Only plain water and the power of steam are used by the Duplex Carpet Cleaner to thoroughly clean carpets making it 100% chemical free. Twin cylindrical brushes are used by the Duplex Carpet Cleaner to agitate deep into the carpet fibres lifting out all the dirt, hair, dust and grime. Fresh water and steam tanks are then used to rinse the floor and liquefy the dust particles for extraction.

The design of the Duplex Carpet Cleaner allows the operator to save large amounts of water and physical effort.

The Duplex Carpet Cleaner on the other hand uses minimal water/steam with lots of mechanical agitation. This Duplex design actually leaves carpets much dryer than extractors and produces a far more consistent clean without streaks.

The Duplex Carpet Cleaner also provides bang for your buck and can be taken anywhere. Where other extractors and truck mounts will struggle with large multi story building the Duplex can be taken anywhere there is a power point. No need for hundreds of meters of useless hoses and hours of set up labour.