Cleaning carpets in large commercial environments can be tedious tiresome work, not to mention an OH&S issue if the incorrect carpet cleaning machine or vacuum cleaner is used.

Duplex Cleaning Machines supplies numerous chemical-free pieces of carpet cleaning equipment designed for various styles of carpet.

Each piece of Duplex Cleaning Machines commercial carpet cleaning equipment has been designed to meet high standards in both durability and performance.

Commercial carpet cleaning machines supplied by Duplex and their popular uses include:

Duplex Floor Scrubber – All in one Floor Scrubber / Washer / Dryer / Extractor that is good for all hard floors and short piled carpets, especially Flotex. This versatile machine is commonly found in healthcare and hotels where cleanliness is of importance.

Fast Upright Vacuum – Upright vacuum cleaner with motorized turbo head that is good for vacuuming large carpeted areas in a short amount of time. The turbo head agitates the carpet fibers giving a better clean and the Hepa filter makes it right for aged care, hospitals, schools and hotels where dust filtration is important.

Clean Air Hepa Vacuum- Hepa filtered vacuum that is quiet and designed purely for healthcare and allergy suffers. This machine has triple layered dust bags, a Hepa filter that traps 99.997% of fine dust particles, and has an Allergy guard that destroys dust mites, MRSA, bacteria, fungus, pollen and viruses.

Salla Scrubber/Sweeper – Portable battery powered wet/dry vacuum / scrubber / sweeper that is great for factories, warehouses and large facilities. This versatile machine works on several floor surfaces and has a two hour battery life.

Water Filtered Vacuum - Series of water filtered wet/dry vacuums that are right for the home or dusty areas like workshops. Popular vacuum cleaner as they do not lose suction, trap allergens and can be emptied easily.

Jet Vac Steam Vacuum - Combined steam and vacuum cleaner range that can be used anywhere where high quality steam cleaning and wet vacuuming is needed. Hospitals, commercial kitchens, hotels, aged-care facilities, schools, transport cleaners, gymnasiums and supermarkets are all current users of the Jetvac.