Historically, cleaning of the home or work place has required an array of potentially dangerous chemicals. There is a natural cleaning product that can clean and disinfect surfaces and that is steam. 

Duplex Cleaning Machines have been supplying wide range of Tecnovap commercial steam cleaners for twenty years. These steam cleaners provide users with a chemical free cleaning alternative that saves cleaning time, reduces cleaning effort and consumes less water compared with traditional cleaning methods.

Duplex Cleaning Machines recommend removing the potentially hazardous cleaning chemicals from the home and replace them with an environmentally friendly Tecnovap commercial steam cleaner to save time, money and the environment.

For years steam has been regarded as the world’s most versatile cleaning agent and most reliable disinfector. By using Duplex steam cleaners, users can hygienically clean more surfaces, more effectively.

Duplex Cleaning Machines has a large range of commercial steam cleaners that are ideally suited for all chemical free cleaning applications from domestic to commercial and industrial.

Duplex Cleaning Machines steam cleaners include:

  • JetSteam Steam Cleaners
  • JetVac Steam Vacuums
  • Thermoglide Steam Mops