Duplex Cleaning Machines  have released the BatVac industrial battery vacuum that offers a simple, fast and effective method of cleaning dust from large hard floor areas.    

The new BatVac 50 industrial battery vacuum is a 24v, battery powered, walk behind, industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Its large 50 litre vacuum recovery tank and 730mm vacuum squeegee path makes it highly efficient at cleaning large areas. As a wet/dry vacuum cleaner, the BatVac 50 industrial battery vacuum can be used to clean fine dust or to vacuum up liquid spills or excess water. The wet vacuum function of the BatVac is especially beneficial areas prone to floods, such as industrial fridges and even for hard court tennis clubs when it rains.    

The battery powered BatVac 50 wet/dry vacuum cleaner is completely portable and provides complete operating freedom. The lack of electric cables improves OH&S, and increase efficiency. With a 730mm vacuum path and walk behind operation, the BatVac 50 industrial battery vacuum is able to operate for long periods of time at a rate of almost 2000sqm per hour. The BatVac 50 industrial battery vacuum has a three hour battery life.  

The BatVac 50 industrial battery vacuum is supplied with a long hose and tool kit for cleaning hard to reach areas. The vacuum tool kit is especially ideal for awkward areas like under benches, between racking and on shelving. Other key features of the BatVac 50 industrial battery wet/dry vacuum include an onboard charger with battery indicator, simple controls, fast emptying, dry dust filter, durable rotational moulded vacuum drum and a solid quarter inch steel chassis.  

The BatVac 50 industrial battery vacuum has been designed to withstand use in the most demanding applications, such as large warehouses, shopping centres, tennis clubs, resorts, swim centres and factories; and especially mechanical, engineering and food processing facilities that require frequent comprehensive cleaning.