Dunlop  knows you can’t maintain your market position by standing still, which is why they’ve taken the next step forward, with Dunlop Double Bond carpet cushion and adhesives.

Dunlop Prime & Peel

The Dunlop Prime & Peel adhesive is specially formulated to bond carpet cushion to most common interior subfloors, while still allowing for easy removal as the need arises.  The subfloor is first primed with Dunlop Prime & Peel, and the Dunlop Double Bond carpet cushion is lowered onto it.   Prime & Peel therefore acts as both a primer and an adhesive, saving on installation costs and ensuring that the carpet and cushion remain bonded for the life of the carpet, without the risk of stretching, peeling or wrinkling with use.

Dunlop Ultrabond

Dunlop Double Bond Carpet Cushion products have a new paper top layer.  Dunlop UltraBond is a SBR Latex carpet adhesive, which has been formulated to bond to most primary and secondary backed carpets to this new paper top layer on Dunlop’s Double Bond Carpet Cushion.  The pairing means that less adhesive is absorbed into the carpet cushion, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimal waste.

Dunlop double bond carpet cushion

When it comes to the carpet cushion itself, Dunlop Flooring is a market leader in re-bonded polyurethane foam carpet cushion, with a carpet cushion for every commercial application.

Dunlop Ultralay is specifically designed for high-traffic areas, with outstanding staying power under constant use, thanks to the Double bond technology.  Dunlop Excellay and Excel DBI are high-density carpet cushions specially formulated to achieve Heavy Commercial classification in accordance with AS 4288 (Soft underlays for floor coverings).  Dunlop Modulay for carpet tiles highlights the utility and resilience of the Double Bond system, giving maximum flexibility and allowing the carpet tiles to move freely while still negating the need for re-laying or re-stretching.  And for specialist gymnasium, indoor sport and aerobic applications, Gymlay provides maximum shock-absorption due to its generous thickness and high density, combined with the proven flexibility of Double Bond adhesion.

Clean & green

Importantly, Dunlop’s new Double Bond carpet cushion meets the Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star rating for building interiors, is made from 90% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable under Dunlop’s vigorous Recycle by Dunlop programme, and is the first Australian carpet cushion with a CRI (Carpet & Rug Institute) Green Label accreditation, having met strict criteria on VOC (volatile organic compound) levels.