Moisture control and noise levels impact on the performance of floating timber floors in any environment, so in response to these issues Dunlop Flooring  has created Aquacoustic - a specialist timber cushion that combines moisture and sound control.

Australian made from 100% recyclable, re-bonded polyurethane foam, Aquacoustic timber cushion provides sound insulation, particularly on floors between residential apartments, which significantly improves comfort and privacy for occupants.

Furthermore, Aquacoustic timber cushion is treated with one of the world's leading antimicrobial agents, Ultra-Fresh, which offers protection from bacterial growth, fungi, mildew, and mould, making the environment significantly more hygienic.

Dunlop Aquacoustic timber cushion is also very simple to install. Incorporating a preapplied moisture barrier eliminates the hassle of laying a separate barrier, meaning improved productivity when it comes to installation of the cushion.

Installers also like to work with Aquacoustic timber cushion as it meets their demands for a user-friendly cushion. It offers a high slip laminate, lays flat and undulation free, and provides effective control of moisture intrusion.

Aquacoustic timber cushion from Dunlop Flooring is an investment which allows both specifiers and occupants to gain the most out of their timber and laminate flooring.

Key features and benefits of Dunlop Aquacoustic timber cushion include:

  • meets Australian Building Code regulations for impact sound isolation
  • incorporates a moisture barrier that meets the Australian Code of Practice for laminated floors
  • water vapour transmission is 0.05g/hr.m.2
  • provides excellent sound insulation performance of floors between sole occupancy units
  • is suitable for all types of sub-floors including heated slabs
  • incorporates anti-microbial agent to inhibit bacterial and fungal growth and protect against germs and allergies
  • CRI Green Label accredited, meeting the highest internationally accepted indoor air quality standards for carpet cushion.