Dune Ceramica Australia  is a world wide recognised company that markets high quality ceramic tiles and decorative tiles for floor and walls. The wide range of ceramic tiles includes floor and wall tiles with hand paining and mosaic decoration. In addition, ceramic cappings and pencil strips are also offered by Dune Ceramica Australia.

The models of ceramic wall decorative tiles available are Bowen, Tozzetto Bowen, Jarrod, Jarvis, Darwin, Sydney and Kent. These models are available in various colour options and finishes to suit different customers’ tastes. The floor decorative tile models are available in different designs like contemporary, classic and rustic. Dune Ceramica Australia offers floor tiles in interlocking and rectangular patterns under various models like Nasser, Bambola, Taco Gaudi and Lithos.

Hand painted wall tiles are also offered by Dune Ceramica Australia that are available in four colour schemes and in standard lengths of twenty centimetres. Mosaico is the range of mosaic design based tiles offered by Dune Ceramica Australia. They come in eight fashionable tones that compliment any interior design pattern.

Dune Ceramica Australia also offers a collection of cappings and pencil strips under the Listellos range which is a comprehensive range of finishing tiles that matches any floor and wall tile pattern.