Dune Ceramica Australia  is a premium provider of decorative tiles, stone mosaic and borders to home designers, architects and interior decorators. The products from Dune Ceramica Australia are made of high quality materials and come in intricate classical and stylish designs that appeal to the vision and taste of customers.

The glass mosaics and borders are available in three different varieties namely frosted glass, metal glass and random mixed glass mosaics. Frosted glass mosaics from Dune Ceramica Australia feature a beautiful satin finish which conveys freshness and a simple but stunning look. They are available in twelve different colours for the customers to choose from. Metal glass mosaics and borders constitute the high quality and prestigious collection from Dune Ceramica Australia which are available in three contemporary finishes namely platinum, copper and tanzanite.

Another elegant addition to the range of glass mosaics from Dune Ceramica Australia is the random mixed glass mosaic option which features models with carefully selected colour patterns that give a balanced style to the entire design. The models available under this range are emerald, black diamond, sapphire and topaz.

Glass mosaics and borders from Dune Ceramica Australia can be easily incorporated into contemporary and classic designs of floor and wall tiling to project a modern look that will exceed the user requirements.