To make the most of its location, this Newport house is multi-story. This creates problems moving heavy things between the floors. To solve the problem, the owners have installed a dumbwaiter from .

Most heavy load transportation is between the garage and the kitchen. The island bench in the kitchen was located directly above a storage room in the rear of the garage. This provided the link between the garage and the kitchen. Unique Integrations recommended the installation of an under bench dumbwaiter, a great choice when space is a premium or where there are no full height cupboards.

The advantage with all these dumbwaiters is the lack of overhead motor space or the need for a lift pit at the base of the lift shaft. This allows the under bench model to be placed into areas where space is a premium.

The under bench dumbwaiter has provided safe transportation without compromising the view of Pittwater or affecting the look of the kitchen. The dumbwaiter has been seamlessly concealed within the island bench.