Dulux has introduced the RapidFinish spray system and spray-ready paint range to help homeowners restore their tired outdoors with very little effort.

Introduced just in time for summer, the new Dulux RapidFinish exterior paint and spray system is the ideal solution for unpainted or weatherworn fences, retaining walls and wooden outdoor furniture that can ruin the look of even the most stylish outdoor living area.

Homeowners planning to give their fences, poolside retreat or outdoor furniture a new lease of life in a flash can now use the Dulux RapidFinish spray system and spray-ready paints to get excellent results with minimal effort.

Ideal for smaller scale exterior painting projects, the Dulux RapidFinish power-supplied paint spray system completes jobs such as painting fences up to three times faster than the traditional brush and roller method.

Featuring three adjustable settings for horizontal, vertical and hard-to-reach corners, edges and surfaces, the RapidFinish spray system delivers a high quality paint finish free from brush and roller marks, with the assurance of regulated flow and minimal overspray.

The Dulux RapidFinish paint range can be tinted in over 5,000 Dulux colours, is available in three sheen levels, and has a spray-ready formula to eliminate all the hassles of diluting for the sprayer.

Leading Dulux Colour Trend Forecaster, Andrea Lucena-Orr says the trend is towards darker colour schemes for exterior fences. Homeowners have for years, used popular trim colours as the standard safe option but there is increasing preference for darker schemes in the neutral shades, earthy greens and deep greys. Another trend is to feature brighter accent colours with exterior furniture and poolside walls.

The Dulux RapidFinish paint and spray system is available in stores now. Dulux RapidFinish paint comes in 4L and 10L sizes.