The new Dulux Wallpaper Paintables range is a new line of wallpapers that can be customised to suit personal style preferences.

Dulux’s new Design Wallpaper Paintables range gives homeowners the power to add textured dimension to their walls in a preferred colour scheme. Available in a choice of three textures – linen, concrete and pinstripe – Dulux’s range of paintable wallpaper presents new possibilities for design from bold and striking walls to subtle impressions.

Leading Dulux Colour Trend Forecaster, Andrea Lucena-Orr describes the new wallpaper range as an innovative, simple and cost-effective design solution when combined with paint. She explains that the new textured wallpapers not only make walls pretty but can also easily conceal small imperfections, without stripping, filling or sanding required for slightly damaged walls, or having to add more costly items such as tiles, stone or textile fabrics.

The new Dulux Wallpaper Paintables range also eliminates the typical hassles of application and removal of wallpaper. Using the latest technology, Dulux Design Wallpaper Paintables can be easily applied and manoeuvred for precise application. Removal is just as effortless with the wallpaper simply peeled off without damaging the existing wall substrate.

According to Lucena-Orr, the Dulux Design Wallpaper Paintables range is incredibly easy to work with when fixing on the wall and painting because the paper is so much thicker than standard thin wallpaper.

The wallpaper can be used to complement existing room features by adding an accent above a fireplace, in hallways and on inner wardrobe walls. Lucena-Orr says paintable wallpaper adds texture to the walls that paint alone can’t achieve. She adds that textured wallpaper takes paint to the next level, allowing a luxurious bespoke look to be created.

She also notes that the Dulux Design Wallpaper Paintables range offers homeowners, and even renters the opportunity to have more control over the design of their living space as the wallpaper can be simply peeled off the wall when it is time to redecorate or move.

The Dulux Design Wallpaper Paintables range is available exclusively in Bunnings stores in roll sizes of 10.5m x 0.52m.