Dulux Protective Coatings  provide the Luxafloor ECO2, a two-pack, waterborne epoxy floor coating suitable for interior use. The smooth, eggshell to semi gloss finish of Luxafloor ECO2 can be given a slip-resistant texture by the incorporation of Luxafloor Aggregate where additional slip-resistance is required.

Luxafloor ECO2 from Dulux Protective Coatings is designed for medium foot and wheel traffic conditions where solvent odour may be a concern. The total VOC level of Luxafloor ECO2 is less than 10 g/l and has virtually no odour, making it suitable for projects where stringent indoor air quality standards must be maintained, such as the refurbishment of hospitals, aged care facilities and schools.

Luxafloor ECO2 can be used in projects constructed within ESD guidelines. The fast dry characteristics of Luxafloor ECO2 allows up to three coats to be applied in a single day, and ready for light traffic in a day or two. It is available in a standard range of factory packaged colours and tinted pastel colours for customers to choose from. It is also available in clear. It comes in a 10 litre size kits.

General advantages of Luxafloor ECO2 include:

  • Very low odour and VOC (<10 g/l when mixed)
  • Easy to apply by brush, roller and conventional or airless spray
  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications and substrates
  • Dries quickly, allowing multiple coats in a day to achieve a trafficable floor in less time
  • Smooth, eggshell to semi-gloss finish with optional Luxafloor Aggregate non-slip aggregate where desired
  • Good adhesion property towards concretes
  • Tough and exhibits good chemical resistance when cured
  • Easy wash-up in water