Professional painters and industry specifiers regularly deal with the dilemma – what to do with left-over product?

Down the drain is out of the question, while throwing it in the client’s garden is equally inappropriate. More often than not, those left over litres accumulate in storage areas in the vain hope they might one day be used again.

An innovative new product from Dulux , Envirosolutions waste paint hardener is about to change the status quo, creating an easy, fast and responsible means for professionals to dispose of any left over water based paint.

Available in 500g container, Dulux waste paint hardener is simply poured into any remaining water based paint or water based timber finish, stirred, and left for just two hours to solidify.

The resultant hardened paint is effortlessly disposed of – just wrap it up in some newspaper, dispose it like normal waste and the work site is cleared in next to no time.

Dulux spokesperson Belinda Mitchell explains the inspiration behind new Dulux Envirosolutions waste paint hardener.

Disposing of waste paint is an issue faced by paint industry specialists. Dulux Envirosolutions waste paint hardener is a small, quick and easy to use product. Its impact makes a big difference when it comes to finishing up jobs.

Dulux Envirosolutions waste paint hardener is appropriate for water based paints and water based timber coatings, with one 500g container able to solidify 10L of paint.