Three Dulux brands played a major role in the refurbishment of the heritage Flinders Street Station as part of the $100 million state-funded upgrade completed in 2020. The major revitalisation project sought to preserve the station’s historic beauty and improve functionality for current and future generations.

One of Melbourne’s most recognisable landmarks, Flinders Street Station is used by more than 90,000 Victorians each day. Located on the high-profile corner of Flinders and Swanston Streets in the central business district, the distinctive Edwardian building is at the heart of the city’s rail network.

Designed by Lovell Chen Architects for the City of Melbourne and executed by Built, the Flinders Street Station upgrade was delivered in two phases: repair and restoration to the main administration building, and works to improve the passenger experience, including improved passenger routing and amenities.

Playing a crucial role, Dulux focussed on the project management and delivery of repair and restoration works to structural and external finishes. As a heritage-listed building, it was critical that these works were sympathetic to the station’s original colours and finishes. The outcome was a program of works that provided a new lease of life to this much-loved feature of the Melbourne streetscape and ensured its protection well into the future.

External paint colours

The Challenge

Identifying durable solutions that would reduce ongoing maintenance requirements while respecting this iconic heritage-listed building was a key project consideration.

Maintenance and longevity

The last major refurbishment works at Flinders Street Station took place more than 20 years ago. Since then, weather, birds and other environmental factors have degraded the structure, creating the need for a revitalisation project to address these impacts and ensure the building’s longevity.

Restoration requirements

Respect for heritage involves protecting objects and places that are important to the Victorian and Australian communities. Heritage projects require adherence to specific frameworks and guidance regarding the construction, maintenance and renovation of these sites.

Heritage colour palette

The station was to be restored to its original paint colour, which was applied in the early 1900s. The project architects, Lovell Chen, provided numerous paint chips from throughout the station for the Dulux team to analyse and colour-match.

On-site safety

The Dulux team was required to undertake ‘Avetta Training: Metro Trains Melbourne third-party induction’ to visit the worksite.

The Solution

Three Dulux brands worked in unison to provide a range of technical solutions for this unique refurbishment project.

Multi-surface solutions

Dulux provided specifications for a variety of applications: premium paints, renders, clears for timber, concrete coatings and metal protective coatings.

Custom colour creation

The colour experts at Dulux worked to ensure consistent colour matching with the original paint colours and achieved an accurate match.

The following colours are the Dulux colours Vs their Munsell comparison:

  • Flinders Station Cream – Munsell 10YR 7/4
  • Flinders Station Terracotta – Munsell 10R 3/8
  • Flinders Station Dark Green – Munsell 10GY 2/2

Consultation and collaboration

Reviewed from an operational and construction perspective so that only the most effective coating solutions were implemented and programmed.

Lasting performance

Dulux products and systems were specified to meet the durability requirements of this important development project including withstanding clinical cleaning regimes and harsh weather conditions while protecting surfaces and providing aesthetic appeal.

“For the current refurbishment works, Development Victoria commissioned Lovell Chen, in collaboration with The Centre for Cultural Materials at The University of Melbourne, to carry out an investigation of the external decorative treatments to the administration building. This investigation builds upon earlier research carried out by Peter Lovell in 1979 when repainting works were carried out by the then Victorian Railways,” Deidre, an architect at Lovell Chen said.

Products Specified

Dulux Protective Coatings

Stairs, Paths & Railings

  • MetalShield High Build ZP Primer

Ferrodor 810

  • 2nd and 3rd coat utilised on new steel

Metalshield Premium Enamel

  • 2nd and 3rd coat utilised on new steel

Durebuild STE

  • New metal panels

Dulux Acratex

Acratex Acrashield

  • Exterior façade, existing painted finish for over sound acrylic masonry, existing painted masonry with previous moulding problem.

Acratex Acraprime Solvent Based Clear

  • Prime and seal all masonry surfaces.

Dulux Paint

Weathershield Gloss

  • Weathershield Gloss was utilised on pre-existing exterior timber window frames.

Dulux Prepcoat 1 Step Oil Primer Sealer Undercoat

  • Interior/ Exterior prepcoat for enamel topcoats.

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