The build up of surface rust around the home is unsightly, and if left untreated can erode outdoor furniture, posts and rails, and even pose a health hazard to young children and pets.

The new and improved Quit Rust paint range from Dulux is suitable for use on all types of metal with the active urethane ingredient creating a barrier with tough surface properties for superior durability and high performance protection against rust.

Dulux Quit Rust water based enamel paint has a low odour and no solvent smell. It is fast drying and will be touch dry within 30 minutes and ready to re-coat in two hours. This corrosion resistant paint is tintable to over 800 popular Dulux colours; from white, deep and ultra deep bases, metal surfaces can easily be matched to the rest of the home.

Dulux Quit Rust paint is long lasting, highly durable, and easy to apply, and when the Quit Rust three-step process is followed, a seven year guarantee is provided against rust on all metal surfaces.

Follow Quit Rust’s three-step process to ensure metal surfaces are protected from rust for seven years:

  1. Preparation Range – Treat rusted objects around the home with Dulux Rust Remover to prepare the surface for its new coating 
  2. Primers – The Dulux primers provide excellent adhesion to ensure optimal protection 
  3. Top Coats – Quit Rust Top Coats provide a fantastic finish to metal surfaces
More information on Quit Rust paint is available from Dulux.