Dulux Duremax GPE is a two pack epoxy steel primer formulated with zinc phosphate to offer active inhibitive protection for steel against corrosion. 

The Duremax epoxy resin provides high strength adhesion to the substrate as well as excellent cohesion, binding the pigments together tightly to form a tough barrier against corrosion. 

Beneficial features of Dulux Duremax GPE include:

  • Easy to apply by brush, roller, conventional or airless spray
  • Zinc phosphate pigmentation
  • High build formulation
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Compatible with a wide range of primers
  • Can be topcoated with a wide range of coating types

Duremax has up to 120 degrees celsius dry heat resistance and excellent resistance to both fresh and salt water permeation. Duremax is also highly resistant to salt, abrasions and mild acids.

Available in 4 and 15 litre packs Duremax GPE ZP is suitable for the protection of structures exposed to moderate to severe environments such as chemical plants, refineries, ship loaders, coal wash plants and manufacturing facilities.