The Dulux colour forecast for autumn 2015 takes inspiration from the geometric patterns and playful bold colours popular in the 1980s.

Autumn 2015 takes its cues from a time when using bold, playful combinations with overtly geometric shapes was the norm. Celebrating patterns and colour that were popular in the 1980s, Dulux’s autumn palette takes a drastic departure from understated modern design, using bold combinations of oranges and blues, such as Dulux Bright Delight, After Burn or Regalia.

Stylist Bree Leech advises homeowners to integrate this dynamic look in their home using an array of simple techniques. For instance, they can create a bold feature by using a stencil in a large single graphic shape or multiple shapes. This can be drawn onto the wall and masked off before painting it in colours that tie back to other elements in the room.

Another suggestion is to choose a wall with an interesting architectural feature such as a window ledge to paint in a bright colour. The look can be completed by selecting a carpet in a bright hue or opting for a dark charcoal to set off the coloured wall.

Dulux colour and trends expert Andrea Lucena-Orr explains that the autumn colour palette is influenced by Pop Art and the Memphis design movement from the 1980s, with warm ambers, vibrant blues, sea greens and graphic black-and-white patterns.

Encouraging homeowners to have fun with colour and make some bold choices, Ms Lucena-Orr says autumn style will take its cues from design movements where form did not necessarily follow function, presenting an opportunity to reconnect with a time when there were fewer restrictions on creativity.

A fresh coat of paint is a simple and inexpensive way to add colour and personality to the home, creating a place where one feels comfortable, inspired and happy. She added that introducing new colour to a space is a perfect way to start the season as fresh colour lifts the mood of any room.