Dulux Construction Solutions worked closely with engineering firm, Diagnostech on the restoration of a heritage-listed apartment building in Elizabeth Bay NSW.

Located at 2 Elizabeth Bay Rd, Gazebo Apartments is a multi-storey residential strata complex consisting of two buildings with 159 lots and features a unique 18-storey cylindrical design. It opened in May 1969 and is now a heritage listed building.

The Gazebo’s combination of curved columns and balconies, the decorative summit and the materials such as white marble aggregate finish and pre-cast panels gave the building its original aesthetic appeal.

In its heyday, the Gazebo saw its share of well-known local and international guests and was used as a setting for film and television productions. The Gazebo ceased operating as a hotel in the late 1990s and in 2005, its conversion to apartments was complete.

The aim of the project was to recapture the building’s architectural character via a complete renewal of the external facade of the building, in keeping with the heritage requirements of the site.

The Challenge

The exterior of the Gazebo Apartments had not undergone a major refurbishment since 1969. Over the years, the building had suffered water ingress in the balcony’s tiled beds, allowing water to seep through to underside soffits. This caused bubbling and hydrostatic pressure and the concrete facade was showing signs of cracks and deterioration.

As a result, the building required a complete refurbishment. Careful consideration was given to the products selected for the project due to its heritage listing and location. A high-performance, breathable system was required to repaint the soffits. The balcony tiles were not able to be removed and resurfaced with a waterproofing membrane.

The balcony balustrades, permanently embedded into the balcony walls and floors, were also unable to be removed due to the building’s heritage listing and unique design. The coastal location also required a high-performance membrane solution that was in keeping with the iconic facade.

The Solution

Dulux Construction Solutions teamed up with Diagnostech to provide a complete system to preserve and restore the Gazebo Apartments’ unique facade. Diagnostech chose to work with Dulux due to its extensive portfolio of brands and products, combined with the team’s expertise and technical advice.

Remedial building works were carried out prior to painting. It consisted of spalling works, re-rendering and patching of texture coatings to match existing coatings. Existing coatings were removed on balcony soffits and repairs were made on metal balcony balustrades.

Balcony soffits remediation

The solution for balcony soffits was to remove the existing coating and coated with a primer using Porter’s Paints Mineral Silicate and top coated with Porter’s Paints Mineral Paint. The Porter’s Paints system offered a totally breathable masonry coating to ensure a lasting finish, while providing a decorative rejuvenation of the substrate.

Balcony balustrades remediation

Due to the design of the balcony balustrades, the remediation works required the removal of the coating around the base of the balustrade to allow access to the steel foundations. These were coated with a Dulux Protective Coatings system. The steel balcony balustrades were spot primed with Durebild STE followed with one coat of Durebild STE and top coated with Dulux Weathermax HBR. The powdercoated balcony balustrades were primed with Luxepoxy 4 White Primer and top coated with Luxathane R.

External facade remediation

The remediation of the external concrete facades and parapets involved crack repair and recoating to match the existing texture profile. The surfaces were then top coated with 2 coats of Dulux Acratex AcraSkin.

Project Outcomes

The restoration of Gazebo Apartments has returned the building’s unique facade to its original splendour, and the quality of products used will ensure the long-term protection of this iconic, heritage listed building.

Products Specified

Porter's Paints

Balcony soffits

  • Mineral Silicate primer
  • Mineral Paint


Timber doors and frames

  • 1 Step Oil Based Primer
  • Aquanamel

Protective Coatings

Balcony balustrade - steel

  • Durebild STE
  • Weathermax HBR

Balcony balustrade - Powdercoated

  • Luxepoxy 4 white primer
  • Luxathane R

Dulux Acratex

Masonry facade and walls

  • Acratex AcraSkin Low Gloss
  • Acratex Acraprime SB
  • Acratex Roll-On 00

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Project Overview

Strata Manager: Strata Choice

Building Manager: Excel Building Management

Engineer: Diagnostech

Contractor: Remedial Building Services

Works: Nov 2020 – Jan 2022

Range of brands utilised:

  • Dulux
  • Porter's Paints
  • Dulux Acratex
  • Dulux Protective Coatings