Dulux has introduced a new range of spray paints for the DIY segment to assist with faster and more creative finishes on furniture.

The new Dulux Duramax spray paint range will help DIY enthusiasts create customised furniture in a more affordable way, with great savings in time and effort as well. The high quality spray paints from Dulux will not only eliminate hours from the DIY finishing process but also help achieve a long-lasting, fade-resistant, streak-free finish in only one hour.

Given the modern trend to keep walls in neutral colours, Dulux’s new spray paints will help homeowners infuse colour and fun into their living spaces via painted furniture and accessories.

Dulux Colour Expert, Andrea Lucena-Orr says the new Duramax enamel spray paints allow unbridled creativity, enabling users to introduce playful patterns on an old bedhead, inject some bling into dull bedside tables using gorgeous metallic colours or liven up the dining room using vibrant colours on chair legs.

The enamel paints in spray cans offer a convenient and time-saving way to rejuvenate old furniture and accessories, making them perfect for a weekend DIY project to create beautifully personalised, bespoke pieces.

According to Andrea Lucena-Orr, most homes have old furniture redundantly wasting away in the garage or spare bedroom that can so easily be brought back to life with a spray of colour. The creative uses of the Duramax spray paint range are only limited by the user’s imagination, enabling them to colourfully transform and upcycle chairs, cabinets, small tables, bedheads, bookshelves, vases, lamp bases, ceramic bowls, metal accessories, picture frames or wicker baskets among many others.

Extremely cost effective and low risk, Duramax allows homeowners to get creative and adventurous with vibrant colour without fear of failure, while helping them personalise their spaces to their taste.

A premium high performance enamel spray paint that provides excellent coverage on wood, metal and most plastics, Dulux Duramax dries 10 times faster than normal spray paint and is specially formulated to resist running and sagging, leaving a streak-free finish.

Duramax is available in 29 signature Dulux colours as well as a wide range of speciality finishes including Diamonds Effect glitter finish; Granite Effect for special projects inside and outside the home; six Metallic Finish colours; Magnetic Chalkboard for use in kitchens, offices and play areas; Stainless Steel Finish for metal, wood and ceramics; and glow-in-the-dark Light Up Enamel for kids’ bedrooms.

Photographer: Mike Baker. Rug: Fenton & Fenton