Bold colours are trending in home renovations with homeowners taking inspiration from their favourite commercial venues.

According to Dulux, commercial trends typically take about three years to appear in residential spaces; however, this period is getting shortened with homeowners instantly introducing creative ideas from commercial designs into their home.

Colour & Communications Manager at Dulux Group, Andrea Lucea Orr believes bold looks should be embraced without fear with colourful interiors not only projecting the personality of the individual but also helping them create their own space.

She notes that homeowners are moving away from safe neutrals towards blacks, dark and light blues, and eclectic mixes of bright pops, making use of colour in a way previously not seen.

Dulux has identified three striking looks from the 2015 Dulux Colour Awards for homeowners open to experimenting with bold colours.

The Café Style Look

The café style look uses materials not commonly seen in the home such as plywood and concrete, paired with practical applications such as Chalkboard paint, a look that can be achieved with Dulux DryErase. Used in combination with a bold base colour such as Dulux Black or Black Caviar, this material mix helps achieve a look that’s perfect for entertainers who want the same experience at home as they get from dining out.

Block Colour Used for Impact

This look moves away from the safe zone of traditional whites towards a range of blues to create stunning and calming interiors. For instance, spaces featuring shades of blue and timber tones reference a chic, romantic and effortless style and can be created by combining the dark, dramatic essence of Dulux Blue Steel and the lighter hue of Dulux Hildegard. Use the blues alongside various natural earthy and brown tones to complete the look.

Colour in Unexpected Places

By introducing colours into a space in innovative and different ways, people are achieving impactful and impressive results. The Dulux Colour Awards saw colour being used to create interest through appealing shapes and patterns. Colour was used in nooks above doorways, on the ceiling and also down the ceiling onto the walls. This can be recreated in the home by identifying areas to introduce pops of colours into, and then thinking about how colour could enhance the feeling and sense of function in the space.

A brilliant graphic trend was also observed in the commercial categories of the 2015 Dulux Colour Awards. This graffiti style art could soon be making its way into home interiors.

The list of all the winners and finalists in the Dulux Colour Awards is available on the Dulux website.