Architectural projects that involve powder coating can often be a complex decision and have time pressures, particularly in the front end of a project. It is essential that decisions are made early on so there is enough time for preparation, selecting the desired powder coating finish and achieving a warranty. 

In order to make specifying and selecting a powder coating finish easier, Dulux has refreshed and relaunched its Dulux Accredited Powder Coater program, specifically to provide industry professionals the confidence and peace of mind that they can choose and specify a powder coater easily and quickly for their project.

“The Dulux Accredited Powder Coater program has been built to give industry professionals the confidence that they’ll get a great result on their project” says Steve Barnard, Marketing Manager for Dulux Powders & Industrial Coatings. “The program not only has a new brand, logo and web presence that will help the program be recognised, but it also allows powder coaters to be found more easily.”

Only Dulux Accredited powder coaters have the exclusive ability to issue Alumi Shield™ and Steel Shield™ warranties on Dulux Premium powder coat projects. Every Dulux Accredited Powder coater has been audited and undergone sample checks of product application quality by Dulux, which ensures they can meet the required standards for warranty grade product application that meet international standards for application on aluminium and steel substrates.

To find out why Dulux Accredited Powder Coaters are trusted by Australia’s most trusted paint brand*, click here. Or call our advice line on 13 24 99

*Reader's Digest Trusted Brands Survey 2017.