Two new products recently introduced by Dulux to its EnviroSolutions range are designed to clean paint brushes and rollers quickly, conveniently and responsibly.

Ideal for industry professionals across the residential and commercial segments, the EnviroSolutions Brush Wash uses an advanced formulation to clean and restore synthetic brushes and synthetic roller covers. The cleaning solution works on both water-based and solvent-based paints including enamels, varnishes, shellacs and polyurethanes.

The EnviroSolutions Brush Cleaner is an operational cleaning unit that works only with EnviroSolutions Brush Wash to assist trade professionals in the bulk cleaning of paint brushes with little mess or effort. The Brush Cleaner unit is capable of rinsing up to eight brushes simultaneously using half the volume of water required by traditional methods.

According to Dulux Trade Customer Marketing Manager, Steve Barnard, current brush wash products available to painting professionals are more expensive, contain bases such as kerosene and glycol solvents and also emit quite unpleasant, dangerous fumes presenting a health risk to the worker.

Dulux EnviroSolutions Brush Wash is more environment-friendly with commercial painters additionally having the option of using the formulation with the EnviroSolutions Brush Cleaner unit to save substantial time and effort.

Key features of Dulux EnviroSolutions Brush Wash:

  • Water-based and non-flammable with low VOC content
  • Available in 2L and 5L easy-to-pour containers
  • Can also be used to restore and recondition old paint brushes by stripping encrusted bristles of dried paint
  • When used with the Brush Cleaner, multiple brushes can be cleaned thoroughly in 3-4 minutes
  • Smart Approved Watermark label