Dulux introduces Dulux Professional DryErase, a new range of high performance whiteboard paints for write-on surfaces. Dulux continues to push the boundaries to provide design professionals with innovative paint solutions.

The latest addition to the Dulux Professional range, Dulux Professional DryErase is formulated to transform smooth, painted surfaces into interactive and collaborative write-on surfaces. Dulux Professional DryErase is a patented product manufactured by Dulux’s technology partner, IdeaPaint, a world leader in whiteboard technology.

Dulux Professional DryErase high performance whiteboard paint is recommended for use in educational institutions, corporate office facilities and hospitality venues. 

Dulux Trade Brand Manager, Sue Pham explains that innovation is at the centre of the development of the easy-to-apply, low odour whiteboard paint. With its ability to transform classrooms and offices into boundless, erasable surfaces, Dulux Professional DryErase proves that a whiteboard doesn’t have to be white or even a board, enabling architects, designers and specifiers to unleash the full potential of commercial spaces and transform walls, desks or virtually anything into more functional, erasable, functional spaces.

Dulux Accredited Painter and Colour City Painting owner, Anton Hartley used Dulux Professional DryErase for five classrooms at The Aboriginal Learning Centre, Orange TAFE. According to Anton, DryErase can be used to create unique and functional spaces that seamlessly integrate with any interior. The easy-to-apply paint helped them transform classrooms into limitless erasable surfaces, giving teachers and students a functional, collaborative work environment.

Dulux Professional DryErase erases clean without leaving any shadows and is easy to apply in a single-coat roller application.

Dulux Professional DryErase can be applied to existing painted and suitably prepared new surfaces. Available in two finishes, White and Clear Coat, with both available in 5m² and 20m² size kits, Dulux Professional DryErase can be purchased from Dulux Trade Centres or through a Dulux representative.