Function and aesthetics played a major role in the specification of several Dulux products at Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC), a purpose-built multidisciplinary cancer hospital and research centre in Melbourne.

The VCCC, which opened in 2016 after four years of construction, is home to cancer research, clinical services and educational facilities for Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne Health and the University of Melbourne. The centre is designed to accommodate about 1,200 cancer researchers across 25,000 square metres of space, encompassing 47 seminar rooms and meeting areas as well as a lecture theatre.

Various Dulux paints have been utilised in the interior spaces of the leading cancer centre, specified as part of its cutting-edge design to introduce vibrancy and brightness while ensuring durability and low maintenance.

Dulux Wash & Wear was utilised throughout the centre to ensure the highest standards in durability, longevity and stain protection. Wash & Wear Low Sheen was specified for bold and bright feature walls in the centre’s interiors. The colour palette was selected to bring energy to the clinical environment in line with Dulux’s overarching vision to enhance living and working spaces and places.

The architects and specifiers behind the VCCC project were McBride Charles Ryan, Silver Thomas Hanley and Design Inc.

Image: John Gollings