The Dulux Colour Forecast 2020 is a nature-inspired collection of four palettes that lead you to the very essence of happiness at home and work. The collection, themed ‘Essence’ takes you on a journey of personal discovery with the diverse and contrasting, yet restrained tonal palettes helping you reconnect with the natural world and your inner self.


Grounded is all about simplicity, relaxation and living an uncluttered life. The neutral colours in the palette include browns and greys along with muted lavender and even a terracotta accent for warmth and variety.


This colour palette beckons you to step away from the familiar and enter a space where you can truly express yourself. Comeback inspires you to blend contemporary design with vintage style to create an eclectic look. Tonal shades of blue and teal, and vibrant reds and yellows recall the bold Bauhaus movement of a century ago.


Cultivate borrows a few pages from Mother Nature to nurture and rejuvenate through colour, away from the chaos of the world outside. This tonal green palette encourages you to reconnect with all the elements of nature to create a soothing and calming ambience within your personal space.


Opulent is one way to describe this palette of decadent red tones. Earthy, immersive, warm, luxurious, sophisticated and romantic – the Indulge palette of burgundy, brown, reds and oranges lets you create an intimate space you can escape to when you want to get away from your high-stress life.