Design professionals can now add more than 4,600 colours to Revit projects thanks to Dulux BIM Solutions, a new range of free Revit content and plugins.

Dulux BIM (Building Information Modelling) Solutions currently has three download options: Dulux Colour Atlas Revit Plug-in, Dulux Colour Group Revit Families and individual Dulux Colour Revit Families.

The Dulux Colour Atlas Revit Plug-in gives design professionals access to over 4600 colours from the Dulux World of Colour Atlas without needing to leave Revit. Colour information can be automatically generated into their Revit project, eliminating any need for manual Revit material data entry, saving designers significant time while also reducing the amount of data entry errors.

In the Dulux Colour Group Revit Families, all colours in a particular colour range including whites and neutrals, blues, reds, greens, yellows and blacks can be downloaded. Design professionals can also download one or as many individual Dulux Colour Revit Families as required. Additional colours or colour groups can also be downloaded from the Dulux Australia website. Each download contains the relevant material, colour and specification information needed.

Dulux Australia General Manager – Trade Division, Phil White explains that Dulux BIM Solutions is an example of Dulux’s continued commitment to providing architects, specifiers and designers with innovative and relevant solutions. With the introduction of the free Dulux BIM Solutions, Dulux is adding a new dimension to their existing colour collateral and A4 sample service.

Using Dulux BIM Solutions, colour information is automatically transferred into the material schedule of the desired project, reducing the time needed to manually enter data and increasing colour creativity. The new Revit plug-in and downloads make colour specification easier, simplify workflow, reduce data entry errors and save time for design professionals.

Available in 32-bit and 64-bit options, the Dulux Colour Atlas Revit Plug-in, individual Dulux Colour Revit Families and Dulux Colour Group Revit Families can be downloaded online.