Which paint where? What can I use for this type of building material? Why should I use three coats of the AcraTex system?

Sounds familiar? Dulux AcraTex is committed to helping architects and designers get the most from our great range of products.

To answer your questions, simply visit our newly launched Dulux AcraTex website www.acratex.com.au

Dulux AcraTex Product Selector is now on the front page to assist you to choose the right paint and preparation system for your project. Simply choose the type of project then substrate to view / print / email the texture and relevant spec; this makes it a breeze for specifiers and customers.

To make life even easier, the product selector allows you to search for a product that will suit your project based on substrate and texture profile. Click on Substrate Information Sheets – these sheets demonstrate pictorially the AcraTex coating system on the leading AUS substrates. Including: James Hardie HardiTex, D3 ComTex & ExoTec, CSR Hebel Power Panel, QuiknTuff. You name it! Simply download and print any number of the Substrate Information Sheets listed and keep an eye out for new downloads.