Dulux AcraTex  is a texture solution supplier and over the last twenty years has established a reputation for providing the most lasting finishes. Dulux AcraTex is a division of Orica Consumer Products, which is claimed to be Australia’s largest manufacturer of surface coatings. The AcraTex business was originally started in Adelaide in the late 70’s, and is presently known as Dulux AcraTex.

Research and development activities for Dulux AcraTex are undertaken by AcraTex Research Laboratories. The team in the AcraTex Research Laboratories is made of experts in the texture coating industry who concentrate solely on product improvement in texture coatings.

Dulux AcraTex in partnership with Taywood Engineering, (an independent product testing facility), provides customers with only the most reliable, sound and trustworthy data, regarding its products. Additionally, to maintain product quality and specifications, Dulux AcraTex submits to frequent audits from certifying agencies such as ISO, NATA, PSB and APAS.

Dulux AcraTex product range is available from Dulux Trade Centres across Australia and New Zealand. Dulux AcraTex recommends that, for achieving optimum finishes, use of the Dulux AcraTex products should be in consultation with AcreTex trained applicators.